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Call us: 916-491-6850 Mailing Address NCNW PO Box 231936, Sacramento CA 95823


Sacramento Valley Section was chartered June 8, 1972 under the leadership of Legacy Life Member Bettye O. Williams with the support of Maude Brewer, Callie Carney, Life Member Minnie Clopton, Leslie Fort, Rosa Gillespie, Geneva Hamilton, Life Member Janette Hampton, Dr. Sumatra Kirkland, Jimie Rhinehart, Mary Louise Riles, Julia E. Sledge, Callie Smith, and Jackie Smith. The Charter Members said that we must look upon ourselves as a great unifying force to sustain our growth, to broaden our vision and to extend our services.

To take your place in a proud tradition of leadership and service, simply complete and return the attached membership application.

Mail Membership Application

Mail Application With Check to:
SVS – NCNW, P.O. Box 231936 Sacramento, CA 95823-1936

Download PDF Application Here!

Online Membership Application


    Pay Online

    • New Member $55

    Renewing Member

    • SVS- NCNW $55
    • Life or Legacy $25
    • Associate Male $55

    Preferred Membership

    • Advocate $75
    • Group Life (Organizations & Companies) $750
    • Associate Life (Male) $500
    • Student $10
    • Life Member $500
    • Associate Legacy Life (Male) $1000
    • Legacy Life $1000
    • Donation (Tax Deductible)

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    <option value="Group Life">Group Life $750.00 USD</option>
    <option value="Associate Life (Male)">Associate Life (Male) $500.00 USD</option>
    <option value="Student">Student $10.00 USD</option>
    <option value="Life Member">Life Member $500.00 USD</option>
    <option value="Associate Legacy Life (Male)">Associate Legacy Life (Male) $1,000.00 USD</option>
    <option value="Legacy Life">Legacy Life $1,000.00 USD</option>
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